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Get Your Life Back!


    This is an old saying but, it is true: Time is money.

    Photo post-production can be very time consuming, shifting you away from things you should be focusing on like, growing your business and… How is it called?… OH! Taking photos!

    Also, sometimes clients want their photos ready “yesterday” and you don’t have spare hands. So, maybe you will work all week until 5am, skip that friends reunion and tell your wife/husband you can’t go out for dinner. Maybe you’re lucky and your son knows who you are.

    At Pictoret, we take care of that part so you can have your life back.



        favicon FREE TRIAL:

        If you are still deciding if you want to hire us, for first time clients we offer 5 free images.


        favicon COLOR CORRECTION:

        We offer 2 types of color correction – “Basic” and “Complete”.

        Like the name implies, “Basic” color correction is just that. White balance, saturation, contrast correction. After receiving the images, you can get your creative side flowing and apply your own style.

        With the “Complete” package, we deliver the images as a final product. We edit to your own style (even with your own Lightroom profile), crop, straighten, noise reduction and sharpen as needed.

        All images in the “Complete” package will have two versions – Color and Black and White.



        Some images need more than simple color correction. But to tell you the price, we need to see the images first.

        Quotes are free.


        favicon ALBUM DESIGN:

        – Up to 60 pages;

        – Clean contemporary design;

        – Changes accepted twice for free;



          favicon When will I receive my images?

          -We are not a fast-food company and not all jobs take the same time, but usually 7-10 days after submitting the images.


          favicon How do I send/receive my images?

          -We use Dropbox, but you can use other service if you like. If you don’t have one, we can share a Dropbox folder with you.


          favicon What formats do you accept?

          -For your own sake we hope you shoot RAW. If you don’t, we will accept JPEGs, but it’s harder for us to correct.

          -For color correction only, best way is to send us a Lightroom catalog with built in smart previews. The upload process will be much faster.


          favicon In what format will I receive my photos?

          – Usually, JPEG, but we also can deliver the Lightroom catalog so you’re free to fine tweak images.


          favicon How can I tell you what I want?

          -If it’s simple, send us a text document with the images.

          -If it’s more complicated, we can schedule a Skype meeting.

          -If it’s your first time working with us, the Skype meeting is always a good idea.


          favicon Is there a minimum number of photos?

          -Short answer: No.

          -Long answer: One photo.